Amsterdam part two

So, we were strolling around said same-looking canals and streets, avoiding bikes and cars and trams and other walkers. And stopped right in front of this uber charming little wine and liquor shop. In the shop window it was written: Come in and get the real story about Absinthe.

How could I resist? I dragged Machiel in with me. And my big, glowey smile. Absinthe! OooOOOooooo…


So, the very nice shopkeeper pulled out two sturdy wooden chairs and guided us to sit.Are you tired? he asked. Well, a little…we have been walking around all day. Well, then out came the story of Absinthe.

[insert image of shopkeeper]

Naturally, his charm paid off. I walked out with a bottle of Absinthe, the glass and the strainer. What the hell…

The Anne Frank was across the street. Good one. It was very interesting…being in the house that hid Anne, seeing the giant chestnut tree she used to see looking out the same window (Machiel told me that the massive chestnut tree was to be ripped out of the ground as it was sick, but the protest kept it there as a sight once seen by Anne), the steep staircases, the pull-away bookcase that hid the secret annex. But the other visitors ruined it. It would have been so much more awe-some if there were fewer of them. But alas, the journey was mesmerizing all the same.


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