green sea bubbles

what I see in yoga classes when I’m supposed to be concentrating on breathing rather than having mind-drifts. I am weightless in translucent water, a beautiful sea green colour. I float on a lightly-woven hammock that is guided by creatures. I can breathe under water. This is my image mantra. It’s either that or loosen the reins and fret about things I need to do. Or think about M. Which is also a pleasant mantra.

And speaking of mantras: The Headache Clinic people suggested I delve even further into my yogic practice and start meditating. I’ve tried it before and failed miserably. I got too impatient and left the floor, the pillows, the music. Apparently, it takes many, many hours of practise before one can truly get into a deeper meditation. Not one interrupted by meowing cats, ringing phones and my ADHD-addled brain. It’s more about the breathing and letting the stress slough off than any sort of enlightenment; in my mind anyway. I would never have the inclination to want higher levels of awareness or anything like that. I just should give myself time every day to sit and breathe deeply. My ‘prescription’ actually was to take just ONE minute, four times a day to do some diaphragmatic breathing. Well…even I can do that. Then, maybe the headaches will dissipate.


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