me to him: “…and get on with what I want to do with my life. It’s been ON HOLD for far too long, baby. My life. ON HOLD. Have I ever mentioned that to you? I’m starting to feel things unfuse-ing themselves after being melded together for so many years. That I have started to lift my head up and LOOK AROUND and SEE all of the things I could be doing…all the possibilities. All of the things I want to do with you! It’s like someone took the cap off my lid and I have just exploded everywhere. …My tail is wagging and I am READY for anything.”

In 16 more sleeps I will see him. I feel that it will be the most important visit we’ve shared yet. He makes me feel alive, like REALLY alive. For anybody that wants this…I hope they find it too.

// I am sad that i had to shut Ripley out of my bedroom. I have to get some sleep. She taps me and meows in my ear and it keeps me awake and the more days I go without sleep, the more I get rangy. I love her so, so  much. She has been in my life, by my side longer than any human has (up to this point)… She’s always been here and it breaks my heart to close the door. I made a few soft and poofy perches for her. I hope she is not at all human-like in her emotions (do cats HAVE emotions?) and doesn’t hate me for doing this. I’ll open the door again when I don’t have to be productive the next day. Oh Ripley. I’m sorry.


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