I hope to change history one day

I’ll even take a small way.

I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t mind fame, as long as I still had anonymity. Money would be a nice-to-have, but I don’t want to profit where someone else would be disadvantaged by my actions. I would love to save the life of someone, but not be a hero. If I could help someone be less vulnerable to the world, if I could change minds towards more conscious actions, if I could free an animal from its rigid cage, if I could be the voice for someone who did not have one…

M thinks I should write. He says I’m a good writer. I’ve always (secretly) wanted to write a book…be published…maybe it will only be one article. But I would like to hope that even one person would be positively affected by my words.

Maybe I’ll accidently discover something. I say ‘accidently’…because I’m not looking for anything.

Everybody wants their life (or maybe even their death) to mean something. I do too.


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