it’s the headaches

they are the worst.

Calgary is killing me. These are all the things I do/take to try to prevent and/or cure:

  • physiotheraphy (prevention)
  • active release therapy (prevention)
  • massage (prevention and curative)
  • low-dose maltrexone (prevention)
  • 10 mg amitriptylene (prevention)
  • vitamin regime (prevention): magnesium; B3, 6, 12
  • amerge (curative)
  • maxalt (curative)
  • naproxen (curative)
  • percocet (curative)

That’s bloody ridiculous! I mean it’s not all at once. Not. But over time isn’t all the drugs going to shrivel up my liver? I only have the one. It’s not like kidneys or lungs…there’s two of ’em. There’s only the one. And one heart and one nose. I’d hate to lose any solo parts.

Anyway, I want to know if the headaches are related to weather, my period (damn the dot!), the concussions, stress, allergies (?)

I never had as many headaches In NZ, LS, SA, Z, NL…it’s crazy. It’s Calgary. Thanks, hometown.


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