Who kicks a girl???!!! I mean, really…

Bike path today near the Prince’s Island overpass.

I had slowed down as there was a convergence of people at the overpass/bike path intersection. Two men, two kids and two dogs on leashes just walked onto the bike path (without looking), blocking both lanes of the path. So, I dinged my bike bell to let them know I was there (and they should move the frick over!!).
Then this guy (complete whisky tango) kicks my back bike and yells out: Slow down around pedestrians like you’re supposed to, bitch! (small minds find the easiest, stupidest names to call people)
Me: (going about 1km per hour) I was slow, ass clown.
I kept biking, then felt hot liquid on my foot (just a little bit, didn’t hurt). The jackass threw his white trash, Tim Horton’s crap coffee at me!!!
Me: Grooooooooow uuuuppppp! Nice behaviour for your kids!!!

I was angry, bewildered and completely aghast at the behaviour of a grown adult to someone out in the fresh air. Although I sincerely believe this was the one and only time this jackass will be out for the rest of the year. White trash can usually be found only in bars, on couches with their Bud, four-wheel driving over bunnies and drinking $10 whisky in their garbage-filled backyards.

Po (hairstylist) made me laugh and forget the whole thing. We laughed about it lots then made fun of other people for awhile.


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