a day in the life of

20 minutes to get ready this morning, run through Dutch alphabet (on CD) on the way to work, get to work, deal with emails, colleagues and projects…gobble down lunch, while trying to fit in some homework and juggling work projects, three hours of interviews for a new enviro specialist. home one hour, pet cat, check email, send email, open mail, slap down two pakoras and a glass of water. out the door. Dutch conversations in the car on the way to the red cross volunteer interviews…three and a half hours. home…feed cat, clean up cat vomit (someone ate too fast). slap down guac ‘chos with chipotle salsa,,,~maybe~ more that I need. But they were nom. check group homework assignment (hate the group work), make notes. read more from textbooks. pet cat. wash face, brush teeth. bed. / sitting in front of computer trying to remember what I was supposed to do.

This is almost an exact replica of yesterday…just swap the food for nuts and a banana and no Dutch lessons yesterday.

Tomorrow morning…safety presentation on road rage to our vehicle and equipment trainers. i hope they don’t throw things at me. then work work work. interviews…then homework and some red cross phone calls. petting the cat. maybe sleep.


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