boxes and boxes and boxes

I’m paring down even the things I thought I’d pared down already.

There are so many things here to go through. Every day I do a little more. All of the stuff that I am not taking is giving me headaches: WHAT DO I DO WITH IT ALL?!  Oh dear…

I have to measure out my crate size soon so I can start pretend-loading it. I start having heart palpitations when I imagine just how much I have and the stuff I can’t take! 84 x 47 x84″ that will be the size of my life. Wow.  Nathan said the other day: Eener, I’m glad you are moving actually…you can cleanse your soul of all this stuff.

I’m glad I am getting rid of plastic-popsicle makers, books I’ll never read, camping equipment I’ll never use again and all the shoes… But, seriously, how do you squeeze your whole life into one big box?


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