OooOOOooo white asperges!

Finally got to taste the white asparagus from around here! I keep wanting to sneak a peak under the massive mounds of dirt, slit side-by-side into rows…like hundreds of super-close speed bumps. The mounds are covered by lengthy sheaves of plastic during its first few months (keeps heat in? bugs out?). I see workers in the fields crouched over the mounds and hacking into the dirt at just the ~right~ spot to knock off a few stalks—back-breaking work, by the look of it.

So, why is the asparagus white? It is deprived of light within its dirt prison, so the plant cannot produce chlorophyll (without the sunlight), thus there is no green colour to the stalks. They are more tender than their green cousins, but it is odd seeing those white stalks on my plate. They must be peeled though! With a carrot peeler is fine…otherwise the ‘bark’ gets stringy and unpalatable.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner consisted of baked butternut squash with a filling of veg (onion, garlic, grape tomatoes, red pepper) and seasoned bread and cracker crumbs (you could use panko as an alternative, but so far me can not find), parmesan and pearl barley. And my homemade hummus with toasted pita. Oh yah, and lightly grilled white asparagus/asperges/spargel. (English, Dutch, German)

All lovingly prepared with my lovely Delft-blue-coloured apron that my last boss’ mom made. Who actually used to live in the Netherlands: Deana in Den Haag and parents in Aarn (?)


2308 update
(FYI: Yes, same thing with the pee.)


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