here’s what i would like

i would like a german shepherd puppy. i would also like (at the same time) two lambs (their mom can come too). i would train the dog to…well, do her job and herd the sheep. the sheep would be fun and playful, but also respectful of the dog and do what they’re told. when they all do things right, i will offer rewards of praise and treats.

when the time comes—and everyone knows what everyone is to do—we would go for walks along the country roads where we live.

And people would remark: “You can’t walk sheep!”
(or “Je kan niet lopen schapen!” since that’s their language around here)

And I’d just smile and think…yes, I can!

I thought about all that when I was walking (along the country roads where I live) after meeting the most affectionate sheep ever. She took a little while to come over but she did after I stood there for a while. She baaaaa’d a few times after looking over at me and I think the temptation of the grass in my hand the last time she looked up was too much for her and she walked over. So sweet she was. She responded like a cat does when I started petting her little head and up by her ears. Her affection melted my little heart. She turned around after a few scratches there, then a few scratches there…so cute.  I think she only walked away because I stood up and stopped scratching her. : )

I’m glad there’s a lot of little beasties around here.

Oh, and also, the sheep would give me wool to knit with.


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