so much happening out there

and of course as I was leaving the house to go on another glorious country walk I talked myself out of taking my camera. (I should know better!!!)

Went to see 1808 (my new sheep friend). She was with about 20 other lady friends and they were all in the middle of the pasture. I thought I spotted her and started cheek-clicking her over and sure enough it was her and she came over for some grass and some scritches. But not only her…the other ewes perked up and started walking over. Machiel and I laughed and I berated myself for not bringing my camera. It was pretty strange though, having all these knee-high brillo pads coming towards me.

I think she’s just being polite about the grass from my side, cuz their grass looks a lot more delectable. And it’s the kind they like. So, that was pretty cool.

And we FINALLY confirmed our suspicions of there being a peacock in the neighborhood. I knew the noise we often hear was from around that area and had it pinned down to a couple of houses as I walk by there often and hear the same noise. Well, the confirmation came from the rooftop…a bee-U-ti-ful male peaccock perched right on the apex of the terra cotta roof. And I berated myself for not bringing my camera.

It was quite a busy ~country~ walk.


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