Holy update, Batman!

We have those two kittens now. Rudy and Lois. Lois is very precocious and Rudy is a big sweetheart. He is now twice her size…almost adult cat size!

I am about to embark on weekly Dutch conversation classes: Every week for two hours. I’m pretty excited as I’ve already  met the woman running it and her assistant. It’s only a 10 minute bike ride into town. I plan on making something Canadian to bring in for the first half hour coffee time; had a ton of great ideas through facebook. I think it’ll be Nanaimo bars…because I have never seen them anywhere outside of Canada and they’re flippin’ delicious.

And cheers to pleasant surprises, while we were out driving back from Eindhoven (to get my residency card!) we wove through the streets of Weert and discovered a little hobby farm with mini-kangaroos; white and brown, they wee adorable. M spotted a little family-run restaurant and wondered if we should stop for dinner. I said, “It looks like they have nothing but soup.” But we stopped there anyway. The decor was lost somewhere in the early-80s and their table decorations were dust collectors. They had two vegetarian items: I chose the mushroom ravioli…expecting mediocrity. But it was insanely delicious! I’ll want to go back there just for that meal. Wow.

Last week we mostly finished my office space in the house and it is gorgeous! White and cyan coloured walls, white furniture and a bright, bright red chair. I’d like to get more plants in there and hang some light curtains and it will be done. Oh, and baseboards still need to go on.


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