GACK! Ik ben Renée Lamoureux. That is my biggest sentence in Dutch. My class today was fun and I did learn, but mostly it was me staring and being handy for the “English word for it”. Today we did antonyms:

zon                    maan

kort                   lang

They said I should write down the words I don’t know (‘But I don’t know how to spell them’, I cried inwardly). I don’t know if it’s a hang up or a legitimate way of learning, but I can’t seem to recognize or remember a Dutch word if I don;t see how it is spelled. For instance, they said ‘liefde’, which I shrugged my shoulders at…then the opposite word ‘haten’. Then they said “love” and I blurted out, “Ahhhhhhh, liefde! I knew that.” But if I had seen the spelling, I would have known right away.

I think I tromped all over some of the other words, like: lijdelijk and eeuwig/vast, giereig and gul, verwaarlozen and verzorgen. *sigh* it’s usually those dame Gs!

M says it’s better for me to learn this way (the not-having-to-know-how-everything-is-spelled way) because I will recognize the spoken word rather than relying on JUST how it is spelled and what I perceive to be the correct pronunciation. He ~might~ be on to something, but it terrifies me. It’s like jumping into the pool without my water wings!


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