Under-prescribing and paracetemol

Paracetamol is acetaminophen. This is what doctors in the NL must own stocks in. They prescribe it for EVERYTHING! Most pain will be sufficiently doused by paracetamol, they are right; however, their all-to-common habit of under-prescribing medications here leaves one in the lurch (a painful lurch) if your pain is above 4 out of 10. That being said, I had carpal tunnel surgery on Lefty today and I was only told that “two paracetamol’ will be effective for the after-anaesthetic-pain. NOPE! Perhaps this is why I keep a bottle of Jagermeister chilling in the freezer!
And if you think you will get an equivalent to the prescriptions you took back home, you are sorely mistaken! A lot of North American medications are not even available here! Maybe we do over-prescribe back home, but I’d like to find a happy medium between home and here. I just can’t be satiated with over-the counter medications (paracetamol) for migraines!


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