Heyyyyyy, I was first.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Calgary taught me (or maybe it’s a Canadian thing) that if you are behind a slowpoke at a check out or someone has a gigantic haul at the grocery store and you’re stuck behind them, logic says that as soon as another lane-light goes BING! (meaning another check out has opened), the NEXT person in line —behind the slowpoke and the monthly shopper— SHOULD be the FIRST person in the new line…(not any single person behind you!). This is polite and aligns with the universal laws of MY-TURN and I-WAS-HERE-FIRST.

Not so in the Netherlands. Not so. It is socially acceptable to forge ahead of all others im-MEED-i-ate-ly noticing a new BING (lights on, open for business). Even if you scoff under your breath, there is no point…it IS socially acceptable here.


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