Unexpected yummy goodness + mini kangaroos (the two are not connected)

Today we are meant to go to see some mini-kangaroos and get some Unexpected Surprise Mushroom Ravioli. It’s rainy though, so not sure if we will go… I dubbed the pasta with that ridiculous name because it’s the BEST homemade ravioli I’ve ever had. And it lives in the most unexpected place, this little off-the-road, super tacky, stuck-in-the-80s, small town diner that we discovered a few months ago when we were off on one of our Let’s-Get-Lost-and-Explore road trips.

And yes, the kangaroos…they live a stone’s throw away from the diner. We had to drive by a couple of times to make sure that’s what I saw. If we go, I’ll take photos this time.



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