Raspberry-infused vodka

We have a huge thicket of raspberries in our yard and today I picked a bunch of them so they could be a part of my first infused vodka trial.

When I lived in Lesotho, we would cross over to South Africa, to a small town called Ladybrand. Jon and Audrey introduced me to David and Lynn and their glorious life at Greenock. Greenock had horses, dogs, cats, pigs (that played fetch alongside the dogs), chickens, ducks… It’s beautiful there. We would often stay the night after a day of horseback riding and a huge meal that Lynn slaved away at in the kitchen all day. She also made her own fruit-infused alcohol beverages that I could never get enough of. So, in memory of Miss Lynn, I gathered the raspberries today and started the process for myself. I’m really looking forward to sipping it in a few weeks.

Cheers to David, Lynn, Jon, Audrey, Caroline, Jacs and Bill!!! To all the fun we had in Ladybrand!

Our raspberry patch

Snails are not raspberries.

Freshly picked raspberries!

This will be raspberry-infused vodka. Mmmmmmm

Our safe haven at Greenock, after escaping the civil war breakout in Maseru. Thanks to Lynn and David.


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