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Earlier today Lois was climbing trees as usual, so I went out to film her. And potentially catch her (as I always think I’m going to have to do, but she always catches herself and never falls. I hear cats are like that.)

Lois loves climbing trees. I’m not as nervous watching her as I used to be. But this time, she was jumping to different trees, checking out her weight on branches and she even manages to flip herself upside down!

Lois likes to jump onto M’s shoulder (and sit there or lie there), so M sometimes climbs part way up the tree to meet her and I finally got that filmed too! Super cute. (video)


A neighbour comes to the door and says our cat is way up a big tree and she can’t get down. What?! She was with me just two seconds ago. So, M goes out to the neighbours who have planted a super, long ladder up a huge oak tree. Lois and Rudy were in the house. Phew! I ran out with my camera and a blankie if we had to fireman-catch her…but M was already heading up the ladder.

He grabbed the kitten and put her on his shoulders and carried on back down the ladder. Cat jumps down before he reaches the bottom, looks a bit bewildered, didn’t come to us when we made kissy noises and moseyed on down the road. She was up SO high! But M saved the day. : )

newborn shrew

Rudy got a hold of another shrew, but this time it was even itty bittier than the proper-sized ones. Its eyes weren’t even open yet! Luckily, I didn’t see any marks on it from Rudy the Killer Whale Cat. I cradled the little guy in the palm of my left hand, scooted the cats inside. Scoot.

Then, what I would imagine,  looked extremely comical —or strangely sad— was me embarking on Mission Find Momma. Every. single. little. squeaky. noise. was. her. I know what they sound like now,after having to save them from my cats so many times.  Mercy! Why don’t they just find somewhere else to live. Anyway, I careened haphazardly around the backyard —avoiding stinging nettles and the giant slugs that creep out at night (last thing I wanted to do was step on one) listening and watching…looking for momma shrew. It was getting dark. I brought the shrew inside with me and typed with one hand, searching the internets for an answer:  “found a baby shrew”, “take care of newborn shrew”, etc.

I knew, from previous shrew investigations, that they have the highest metabolism in the mammal world and they have to eat every 2-3 hours or they starve to death, so I had no idea what it was like for itty, bitty baby ones. But I read that they are totally dependent on the momma shrew. I knew they little guy’s chances were better outside if its’ mom found him, then inside with me…

So, I went to a hidey hole I have suspected of being a shrew den (?), laid a bunch of green and dried vegetation around it, put the baby shrew on it and lightly covered him with dried bamboo leaves. Then, I placed a big plastic pail upside down and made sure the hole, the baby and a getaway on a couple of sides were all secure and I topped the bucket with heavy rocks, so the jerk neighbour cat (who beats up our little Lois) couldn’t get the shrew.

I hope he is gone when I check him in the morning…down the hidey hole with its wee family.

Here he is and here is a video of him squirming around and being cute. (And this was my first ever youtube upload.)

Night night little guy. This is the little nature bed I made for the little shrew.

Big slugs carousing around at night.


UPDATE: Well, I didn’t expect much when I went to check on the little shrew, but he was still there: still breathing and moving. I scooped him up again and we sat in the sun for awhile. I gave him tiny amounts of water from a syringe. We just sat. He squirmed. His breathing was shortened and he wasn’t doing well. Tough little critter though, lasting the whole night. But he finally just faded. It broke my heart. I knew how it would end, but it still squeezed my soul. I buried him.

Lois is a killer

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There has been …

There has been a male cat skulking around our place for the past few months. We had dubbed him Big Rudy because at the time he was first making his presence known he was bigger than our Rudy and he is black-and-white-splotchy like our Rudy. Big Rudy is now smaller than the real Rudy. He’s definitely a loner and definitely a stray: He’s been on his own for a long time, I’m sure. I need a new name for him.

ANYWAY, like usual, I need to make him my friend so I’ve been slowly managing to shrink the gap he allows between us. Today, was the closest yet…about  three metres.

Then, tonight M says, “There’s a cat out there we haven’t seen before.” Sho-nuff, there was. A sweet, tiny, wee cat…so pretty. I hung out with her and she eventually came over and did the cat face-nudge thing and allowed me to pet her. !!! She was super skinny, but I think she was also a pretty recent mommy-cat. I gave her some food and water in the shed and made a comfy box for her to stay out of the rain. But every time I looked out the window, she was sitting back out front where M first spotted her under the (dry) cedar trees. And me being the sucker that I am, kept going out to pet her and make nice-nice. I’ve already named her Clementine.

Mini mole

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Moley, moley. Rudy had this poor little guy cornered…so I saved him.


  • Jon says this is a shrew, not a mole
  • Machiel says the Dutch word for shrew (spitsmuis) translates to pointy mouse hahahaaa



So charming.



Lois gave up stealing balls of yarn + cuddled into the bowl with them instead.

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