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There has been …

There has been a male cat skulking around our place for the past few months. We had dubbed him Big Rudy because at the time he was first making his presence known he was bigger than our Rudy and he is black-and-white-splotchy like our Rudy. Big Rudy is now smaller than the real Rudy. He’s definitely a loner and definitely a stray: He’s been on his own for a long time, I’m sure. I need a new name for him.

ANYWAY, like usual, I need to make him my friend so I’ve been slowly managing to shrink the gap he allows between us. Today, was the closest yet…about  three metres.

Then, tonight M says, “There’s a cat out there we haven’t seen before.” Sho-nuff, there was. A sweet, tiny, wee cat…so pretty. I hung out with her and she eventually came over and did the cat face-nudge thing and allowed me to pet her. !!! She was super skinny, but I think she was also a pretty recent mommy-cat. I gave her some food and water in the shed and made a comfy box for her to stay out of the rain. But every time I looked out the window, she was sitting back out front where M first spotted her under the (dry) cedar trees. And me being the sucker that I am, kept going out to pet her and make nice-nice. I’ve already named her Clementine.

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