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sad day in cookie-land

It’s hard to believe this giant cookie isn’t delicious.



I can cook. I can cook well. I can make soups, salads, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, appetizers, fondue, sauces, dips and pretty much anything else. I sometimes need a recipe for inspiration, but rarely do I implicitly follow it. I add a bit of this, substitute that…I make it my own. I seldom fail at making tasty food. *pat on the back*

Baking ~apparently~ is another story. I know —I’ve been told—when baking: ‘Follow the recipe’. And I do. But I can not make cookies, cakes, pies or anything else dessert-y. For the second time since I’ve been here (almost a year) I’ve baked chocolate shortbread cookies. Well, I ~attempted~ to make them. First ones tasted ok, but were crumbly; today’s had perfect shortbread consistently, but taste like chalk. And not even chocolate-flavored chalk. What gives?!

I think I made carrot cake once that was tasty…oh,  and banana bread.

Maybe if I dip the cookies into some sugar they’ll be passable as a nice, sweet treat.

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