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Mandala Rug

Made another giant doily rug: This one was made with wool and it makes me  really happy for some reason!

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I made this yesterday

Rudy on the huge doily.

As soon as I started knitting and crocheting, I said aloud —on more than one occasion: “But you won’t catch me making any doilies”.

Well, lo and behold, here we have a doily. But it’s a mega doily. A giant rug doily. I guess as long as the doilies aren’t small and placed under every plant in my house…it’s justified. : )

It’s my first one. I plan on making more styles and other colors. What do you think?!

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My first blankie

I have finally plucked up the courage to begin a bigger project…it contains a lot of circles. I’m pretty excited about it.

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If, when you’re learning how to crochet, the yarn gets tangled in your hair…you’re doing it wrong.

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