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The Netherlands, facebook teenager party gets 30,000 RSVPs

A teenaged girl in Haren (a small town by Groningen, M’s hometown), announced her 16-year-old birthday party on facebook. A lot of her friends replied, “Yes” (they would attend). But so did 30,000 other people.

On Friday night, thousands of  young people, and assorted other troublemakers, swarmed Haren for the girl’s party. She and her family vacated the area. Good idea because the town was hit with an extremely ridiculous amount of violence, theft, damage and turmoil. Riot control was outnumbered .

All told, this innocent facebook invitation, cost the town over €1 million in damages. All because Little Miss Sweet 16 neglected to make her invitation PRIVATE.

Headed up north for the weekend

No Cars Go

We went to Giethoorn, the Venice of the Netherlands, where one little section of the town consists of canals and homes only…no roads, no cars.

Just outside of Giethoorn there was a tractor parade with over 50 tractors. We drove by it and thought it was unusual to see so many after we saw about 10, but more kept on showing up. Bizarre. We asked Ms friend and he said, Yep, indeed, it WAS a parade of tractors. Some kind of tradition. Okay.

We visited some of Ms friends in and around Groningen, near where M grew up. Very beautiful up there and super close to the sea; which also meant about four degrees cooler than where we are. Nice to get home to the heat!

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