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it was super hot yesterday

Apparently, it was hotter here than it ever has been in this area. It reached 38°C. Scorcher. Holy Moley! Aside from watering the plants, I stayed inside for most of the day. I tried to read out there, but all I did was sweat. And sweating when you’re just sitting is ridiculous. We all stayed indoors for most of the day. I used ice packs at my neck and feet to help cool down enough to sleep. Also ridiculous. : )

I don’t remember being this hot outside of Africa! Temperatures there did reach the low- to mid-40s, but at least at night it would rain and cool everything down. —Oh the rain there!! I loved the rain at night, the smell of it, the sound as it hit the roof and the sweltering ground. The storms were the best!!— I remember once I was going to walk to the local shop in Bloemfontein for a cool beverage with just my bare feet. I got across the grassy bits perfectly fine, but then I went tharn when I couldn’t seem to move off the scalding asphalt. Stunned with disbelief. I didn’t know if I should give up on the cool soda and return to the grass or hot-foot it across the remaining few steps. I, smartly, returned to get sandals and THEN get the icy goodness at the store. But I actually burned the soles of my feet on the black asphalt. Also ridiculous.

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