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Some Rudy, Lois and Sofie!

Here’s all my beautiful creatures…

about that animal shelter…and those dogs

While on a bike ride with M on the weekend, we happened upon a small animal shelter/refuge in Germany…I couldn’t NOT go in. It was a small space, but a great set up for the bunnies and cats and dogs that we saw.

I fell in love with Porto. We couldn’t pet the goggies, but he kept coming close to the fence when I spoke with him. He was pretty friendly. He’s from Portugal.

We noticed there were more pens around the back and found this sweet dog that seemed very apprehensive and timid. Her (I think she was a girl…long hair) tail was tucked in and she ventured close to the fence and seemed to respond to our voices. She was so shy though…poor little thing. We brought a guy around to the pen and wanted to know more about her: He didn’t know much unfortunately, but he did say she was a recent arrival, a stray, and that she would be held for four weeks to see if her people show up. I didn’t think to get a photo of her, I was too busy trying to win here over. All I could think of was showing her how much happier she could be than she was at the time. She broke my widdow heart.

I’ve said for years that I wanted a German Shepherd. I still do. BUT to be so selective like that —while there are so many dogs without a home– seems too selfish. And besides I am always a sucker to the underdog…the weak, the vulnerable. I can’t imagine picking out the perfect German Shepherd puppy only to realize that it is harder to find homes (and people!) for older dogs, so I have changed my thoughts about getting a dog. Or two. : )  I’d much rather give a home to a homeless dog.

So, we’ll keep a lookout on the shelter’s website to see if the sweet, little, wee girl has been found by her people…or not. And Porto.

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