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I had to buy some material yesterday.

After making my selections, I approached the woman across the large cutting table and handed her my bolts.

Then added: “Ik spreek alleen een beetje Nederlands.”  (I only speak a little Nederlands.)

She looked at me, smiled (phew! this is always a tenuous situation for me as I have had mixed responses to this small utterance) and said: “Wat is uw eigentaal?” …………….. Yay! I know what this means!! (What is my mother tongue?)  “Engels,” I replied.

“Well, we can speak English if you like.”

“Dank u, maar ik zal spreken Nederlands.” (Thank you, but I will (try to) speak Nederlands.)

As she was cutting my material, she said to me, “Uw Nederlandse klinkt goed.” (Your Dutch sounds good) MY DUTCH SOUNDS GOOD!!!!!!

“Oh, DANK U WEL!!!” (Thank you so much.)

She said in English, “Your few words sound like a Dutch person.”

I was beaming, to say the least.

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