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As we were approaching the entrance for the German grocery store, I sidled up to one of the four food stands located in the parking lot. I wanted to see what they were making. The one I picked was a meat truck. All I could imagine was the vendor asking me (in German) if I wanted a taste or to buy something and me reacting my walking swiftly away and belting out, “NEIN!”

Which made me giggle because that’s what Claire says.

I told Machiel about my almost-encounter. He just thinks I’m strange.

So, shopping in this grocery store rather than the one closer to us (in the Netherlands) is mostly because it is bigger and thus, having more stuffs. The things it carries reminds me of the old Co-ops in Calgary: Where they have a little bit of everything but nothing is outstanding (this meaning the extra bits, not the grocery part), such as clothes, appliances, shoes, kitchen stuffs, etc.

However, wine and liquor abound (actually bigger section than fruit and veg!). I wanted to grab a Jager bottle, but wasn’t sure the price was correct 8.99€. Didn’t take it. We carried on shopping and then stood in line to pay. I said I should maybe get a smaller bottle of Jager and M said get the bigger one. I  went and grabbed it, still delirious about the price and said to M, “Check when it goes through, that it’s 9.”

I was at the other end packing groceries and saw the Jager had been through the til and asked him, “So, how much was it?”. M: “Nine!” The cashier stopped. M says: “Which is also German for no.” Cashier smirked. I couldn’t stop laughing.

This spontaneous grocery shopping binge was actually brought on by us having chocolate cravings and wanting to go on chocolate run. Germany has über mooi chocolate! Hello RitterSport and all of your glorious flavours.


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