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Some Rudy, Lois and Sofie!

Here’s all my beautiful creatures…


Earlier today Lois was climbing trees as usual, so I went out to film her. And potentially catch her (as I always think I’m going to have to do, but she always catches herself and never falls. I hear cats are like that.)

Lois loves climbing trees. I’m not as nervous watching her as I used to be. But this time, she was jumping to different trees, checking out her weight on branches and she even manages to flip herself upside down!

Lois likes to jump onto M’s shoulder (and sit there or lie there), so M sometimes climbs part way up the tree to meet her and I finally got that filmed too! Super cute. (video)


A neighbour comes to the door and says our cat is way up a big tree and she can’t get down. What?! She was with me just two seconds ago. So, M goes out to the neighbours who have planted a super, long ladder up a huge oak tree. Lois and Rudy were in the house. Phew! I ran out with my camera and a blankie if we had to fireman-catch her…but M was already heading up the ladder.

He grabbed the kitten and put her on his shoulders and carried on back down the ladder. Cat jumps down before he reaches the bottom, looks a bit bewildered, didn’t come to us when we made kissy noises and moseyed on down the road. She was up SO high! But M saved the day. : )

Cats like to pretend

I thought I was being helpful by taking the plastic cap out of my boot when I saw the cats struggling to get it out; however, they wouldn’t play with it again until I put it back in the boot.

I think cats really like pretending they don’t know/see certain things, like: they’ll play with a ball and then leave it alone…pretend it’s not there and then attack it from the side! Or they put things in boots just so they can pretend to ‘catch’ it.

Such weirdos.

Lois is a killer

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Lois gave up stealing balls of yarn + cuddled into the bowl with them instead.

not helping

Lois is not very helpful when she sits on my keyboard.

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