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even one bee makes a difference!

I think we saved a bee…

When I was playing ball with the dogs, Sofie alerted me to a huge bee wriggling on the ground. I picked him up, he was covered in ants! It looked like he was struggling to get them off of him, so I helped. Once all the ants were relocated, the bee calmed down. Well, it seemed like he did.

Worried about him, because  he wasn’t flying away, I let him hang out on my hand. He was very woeful.

I plomped him down in a few flowers to see if that would revive him.

DSC00900 copy

DSC00902 copyMostly, he liked the hisad beebiscus. He climbed right on in there and came to life within seconds.

little beasties in the garden

Dagpauwoog - Peacock Butterfly

Flower Garden

Little guy and a bigger, little guy

snails - the smaller one is so tiny

Exploring snail

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