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Kangaroos and an unexpected redecoration at the diner

So, we did get to the mini kangaroos. It’s a private breeding farm though, so we couldn’t go in and pet them. Booooooo. But there’s a lot of fencing, so we could peek in any way. The farm also has Japanese Cranes, Ibises, Avocets, Wallabies Flamingos and other Cranes. The Japanese Cranes are threatened with extinction and the farm is apparently ideal for good breeding.

The meal was as mouth-watering as the first time we went there, but with a little twist… They renovated. When we were there before, when it was all Loosey-Goosey/country-kitchen-looking, I had expected to maybe get some watery soup and stale breadsticks, but the menu offered up a vegetarian dish of mushroom ravioli with truffle oil, arugula and parmesan…needless to say, I was stunned at how delicious it was. M’s satay was equally delicious he says. So, they changed all the Loosey Goosey decor, got rid of the dusty table props, they painted, stained and changed the lighting…making it look like the food they serve.

In the car, as we left, our favourite ‘local’ radio station was honouring MCA, so we Beastie Boys’d it on the way home.

Along the way I was reminded of this song that I remembered of a sock puppet getting down to electronica and we looked it up when we got home. It still makes me giggle.

SUCH an adventurous day, she said with unmistakable sarcasm. : )

Here’s the kangaroos/wallabies, birds and the restaurant of surprises.

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Unexpected yummy goodness + mini kangaroos (the two are not connected)

Today we are meant to go to see some mini-kangaroos and get some Unexpected Surprise Mushroom Ravioli. It’s rainy though, so not sure if we will go… I dubbed the pasta with that ridiculous name because it’s the BEST homemade ravioli I’ve ever had. And it lives in the most unexpected place, this little off-the-road, super tacky, stuck-in-the-80s, small town diner that we discovered a few months ago when we were off on one of our Let’s-Get-Lost-and-Explore road trips.

And yes, the kangaroos…they live a stone’s throw away from the diner. We had to drive by a couple of times to make sure that’s what I saw. If we go, I’ll take photos this time.


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